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Thursday, September 11, 2008

California Gas Transmission customers have been hearing about INSIDEtracc changes coming this fall. Fall is now here and these system changes are just around the corner. The question remains, "What changes will we see when we log on to INSIDEtracc on October 8?"

We're glad you asked! While some changes are more extensive than others, we think they'll all make your INSIDEtracc experience a little nicer! Here is the INSIDEscoop on a few of the major scheduling-related changes you can expect to see:

  • TSAs can be created "on the fly" and will not need to be set up before nominations are entered
  • Query Pool Balance will work for all cycles
  • The Nominations By Entity screen is back, allowing customers to look at all nominations coming into an entity (like a pool) and going out of that entity (the same pool)
  • Decreasing a nomination then increasing it within the same cycle is now possible
  • Downstream Delivery (DD) pools will no longer be used for off-system nominations; contract numbers (TSAs) will be used instead
  • 100 and 110 Reports have gone green and now have fewer pages to print

A comprehensive list of changes can be found on our Added or Improved Nomination Functionality page.

CGT is offering an overview of these changes over the next two weeks. For specific dates and times, and to sign up for one of these sessions, visit our INSIDEtracc Training Overview Schedule. Screen prints of new system changes will be available on Pipe Ranger on Monday, September 15. Printing these prior to your session will be beneficial in following the training and taking notes.

Watch Pipe Ranger for more information on changes to non-Scheduling related screens within INSIDEtracc. Now that the INSIDEscoop is out, we can't wait to share these changes with you. October 8 will end the wait!

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