Firm Cuts on Baja Path

Friday, May 23, 2008

California Gas Transmission has received customer calls regarding the firm cuts experienced on the Baja Path for gas days May 23 and 24. Certain market and operating conditions required PG&E to reduce the Baja Path capacity:

  • Significant over-deliveries earlier this week (gas days May 20 and 21) caused overall high system inventory conditions, resulting in OFOs for gas days May 22 and 23. While the OFOs relieved overall inventory levels, the Baja Path remained with excess inventory.
  • Market conditions led to low off-system deliveries and a sustained strong preference to transport gas on the Baja Path. These conditions continue to result in high southern system inventory (Baja Path) for gas days May 23 and 24. This has produced high discharge pressures at each of our southern system compressor stations, resulting in a reduction of throughput on the Baja Path.
  • CGT gas operations has been unable to relieve the increased Baja Path inventory due to low system demand and prevailing system pressures.

To ensure the safe operation of the PG&E system, the Baja Path capacity was lowered for gas days May 23 and 24. At this time it is unknown whether a lowered Baja Path capacity will be necessary for gas days May 25 and 26. Our interconnecting pipelines are working with us to help relieve this situation, and they have cooperated to the extent possible. CGT understands customer concerns, and is working to minimize firm service level cuts during this holiday weekend.

CGT advises that customers refer to the Pipe Ranger Physical Pipeline Capacity This link will open in a new window table for changes in Baja Path capacity.

Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative with any questions you have.

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