New Cumulative Imbalance Trading Tool Available

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Getting balanced just got easier. California Gas Transmission has developed an Imbalance Trading Tool to help customers plan their noncore cumulative imbalance trades and review the trading criteria. The tool consists of an Excel spreadsheet that:

  • Lists the cumulative imbalance trading criteria
  • Allows you to enter multiple trades and see the results so you can plan scenarios prior to entering imbalance trades into INSIDEtracc
  • Details a few imbalance trading options and the accompanying gas volume associated with these options
  • Includes a number line to graphically show your imbalance position based on the data you input

This Imbalance Trading Tool is easy to use; just enter a cumulative imbalance and total usage from your Cumulative Imbalance Statement, then enter your cumulative imbalance trades for the trading period. Remember, trades are entered in therms. Also, you should input Sell transactions as negative numbers and Buy transactions as positive. As trades are progressively entered, the number line graph on the right will show your current position.

This worksheet will be located on the Imbalance Trading page of the Tools & Services section of Pipe Ranger to help you achieve your balancing goals. For further assistance with imbalance trading please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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