CGT Revises Physical Pipeline Capacity Limits

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pacific Gas & Electric Company's California Gas Transmission is making some operational adjustments that will lower the physical pipeline capacity of the Redwood and Baja paths. These necessary adjustments will reduce usage of certain compressor units to meet air quality requirements and ensure the maximum useful life of another unit. Firm transportation capacity contracts will not be affected by these actions.

Baja Path Capacity Set to 1,107 MMcf per Day

In order to ensure six specific compressor units at the Hinkley gas compressor station do not exceed the annual operational hours allowed under existing air quality permits, CGT will temporarily limit the daily physical pipeline capacity on the Baja path to no more than 1,107 MMcf per day.

This capacity designation, effective Friday, April 6, 2007, will allow some as-available service to flow in addition to the contracted firm transportation service on the Baja path. CGT estimates the adjusted physical capacity limit will remain in place until the end of the year. The daily physical capacity of the Baja path may drop below 1,107 MMcf/d on some days due to other operating conditions on the system.

These six compressor units represent approximately 39% of the horsepower at the station and are used primarily when maintenance is performed on other units and during high flow rate conditions. If maintenance or high flow rate conditions continue to occur frequently, the physical pipeline capacity may be reduced further as needed to stay within air quality permit requirements. Looking to the future, PG&E is investigating the feasibility of retrofitting additional units with low emission technology and other options that would allow the Hinkley Compressor Station to deliver high flow rates more frequently.

Redwood Path Capacity Reduced by 0.5%

On the Redwood path, CGT is taking action to extend the life of the Delevan compressor K-2 unit until it is replaced in 2009. Effective April 4, 2007, CGT intends to operate the K-2 compressor at 75% of its maximum horsepower as the unit eases toward retirement. Operating this compressor unit at less than maximum operating limits will reduce wear and tear, reduce maintenance down-time, and maximize the length of in-service operation. The impact on the Redwood path will be an average reduction of 6,000 Decatherms per day. This reduction is less than 0.5% of current capacity.

Physical Pipeline Capacity Information

Pipe Ranger has all the paths covered. CGT details maintenance events on the Pipeline Maintenance News Web page and daily receipt point capacity details are available on the Physical Pipeline Capacities Web page.

If you have additional questions regarding capacity on the Baja or Redwood paths, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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