Local Curtailments in Fresno Area

Friday, January 12, 2007

Local gas curtailments for noncore customers in the Fresno/South Yosemite areas are planned for Saturday, January 13, 2007.

Local Curtailments are used to resolve capacity constraint issues in localized sections
of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's pipeline system. A Local Curtailment may be
implemented when local system temperatures are expected to drop below Cold Winter
Day temperatures (see the previously posted Pipe Ranger news article). Local noncore customers may be required to curtail gas usage to ensure local core demands are met.

Communication between curtailed customers and their marketers is essential in order to track and maintain balance between usage and supply. If a marketer continues to schedule gas for delivery to a curtailed noncore end-use customer during local curtailments, the supply will still be credited to the noncore end-use customer even though the customer has curtailed usage.

Noncore customers who are being curtailed will be notified. Marketers affected by this curtailment will be contacted by a California Gas Transmission representative.

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