INSIDEtracc Makes Balancing Pools Easy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

California Gas Transmission's Gas Scheduling team would like to remind customers about the Pool Balancing tool in INSIDEtracc, a process candidly called "reviewing the buckets." By utilizing this tool you can check to make sure your pools are balanced before CGT processes the Timely nominations for a gas day. This proactive step can help ensure a smooth nomination process.

To check your pools prior to a timely deadline to see if they are balanced, follow these steps:

  • Click on Navigate, Nominations, Pool Balancing
    • Your Customer Code will be populated automatically
  • Select the Gas Day
  • Click Retrieve

Pools shown in red are out of balance. To determine why they are out of balance:

  • Click on Navigate, Nominations, Transactions Query
    • Your Customer Code will be populated automatically
  • Select the Start Date
  • Input the out of balance pool as a Source ID
  • Click Retrieve
  • Open another Transactions Query screen
  • Input the out-of-balance pool as a Dest ID
  • Click Retrieve

Check your totals. These screens will indicate if you are short on supply or long on market. Prior to the Timely deadline you can submit new nominations and then check your pool balances again.

For further assistance using this tool please call the CGT Helpline 1-800-343-4743, and press 2 to reach Gas Scheduling.