INSIDEtracc Update - Changes Are On Their Way

Friday, October 07, 2005

As previously reported in a July, 2005 Pipe Ranger article, changes are coming to INSIDEtracc, California Gas Transmission's nomination system. These changes will be implemented in early November, 2005.


Bumping is the process in the Evening and Intraday 1 nomination cycles where a firm nomination can supersede an as-available nomination confirmed in a previous cycle. Bumping occurs when the total requested nominated volume is greater than the available capacity at an interconnect or on a transportation path.

Prior cycle nominations are affected by the bumping process. Confirmed as-available nominations in a prior cycle are bumped, by price, to allow firm gas to flow. If nominated firm gas cannot all flow within the available capacity at an interconnect or on a path, current cycle firm nominations will be confirmed pro rata.

Replacement Nominations

The new replacement nomination process will supersede the current incremental nomination process. When placing nominations, customers should enter the total nominated volume they'd like to receive for the day into the desired nomination cycle. That total volume will continue to roll from one nomination cycle to the next.

Pool and Interconnect Names

CGT has matched interconnect names and pool designations geographically instead of by pipeline. This resulted in some pool name changes. Receipt and delivery point location names will change to be consistent with the new interconnect and pool changes.

The following chart shows a comparison of the current and new naming conventions for those pools that are changing names:

  Receipt Pt/Delivery Pt Designation
Pool Designation  CurrentNew
CurrentNew CodeNameCodeName
EP TS   EPNG El Paso Nat. Gas Pipel. Int. TKS Topock South
HD FP   HDL KRGT High Desert Lateral Interconnect FRP Freemont Peak
KR DG   KRP Kern River Pipel. Interconnect DAG Daggett
PN ML   PGN PG&E Trans. - Northwest Int. MAL Malin
PS ST   STOR PG&E Storage Interconnect STOR Storage
QS EX   QST Questar So Trails Pipeline Interconnect ESX Essex
TS TH   TS Tehachapi Spur THS Tehachapi Spur
TW TN   TW Transwestern Pipeline Int. TKN Topock North


A new report, "Daily Nomination Summary (110 Report)," will show a snapshot of the status of all nominations, in delivered volumes, at the time the report is run.

The 100 report, which has been renamed "Daily Nomination Details (100 Report)," continues to show nomination details. A new button on the report will allow the data to be exported to Excel.

Prior to Implementation

It is crucial that customers understand the new nomination screens prior to implementation. If you were unable to attend one of CGT's prior training sessions, or would like a refresher course on the new screens, please contact CGT's Gas Scheduling group at 1.800.343.4743.

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