CGT Reports Step Up

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

PG&E's California Gas Transmission is proud to debut three improved INSIDEtracc reports. Late tonight the 405, 775 and 570 Reports will step up to offer advances suggested by customers. You will notice new features in these reports beginning Thursday morning, April 14, 2005.

405 Report - Daily Gas Usage

Perhaps CGT's most popular report, the 405 details, by balancing agent, each customer's daily usage for a given month. In many cases, this adds up to a lot of information spread across multiple pages.

CGT worked with customers to devise a more easily usable layout, arriving at a new, wider format by utilizing legal size paper (8.5 x 14 inches). The wider page and moving the meter number and city to a second line for each customer will allow every day of the month to display on one page. The grand total volume will be supplemented by new subtotals: by Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA) and by Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA) not in an NBAA. The subtotals will eliminate the daily reach for the calculator and its potential errors.

Many customers save the 405 Report as an html file on their own computers, then wrangle that file into Excel format to simplify calculations. Tonight CGT will add an additional, simpler method to capture this data for your convenience. Atop the 405 Report, you will notice a shiny new Download to Excel button awaiting your use. After a click of the new button, 405 Report information will download and then populate directly in an Excel spreadsheet.

Like running other INSIDEtracc reports, you may perform other INSIDEtracc operations while the information is downloading. Please keep this in mind, as the download to Excel may take several minutes. Once the spreadsheet is populated, just save it on your own computer for your own calculations, manipulation and printing.

775 Report - NBAA Aggregations Summary

Beginning tomorrow, you will find the 775 Report features three sections, each offering data sorted in a manner suggested by customers.

  • Section 1 -- Data sorted by company name
  • Section 2 -- Data sorted by MDQ
  • Section 3 -- Data sorted by transportation ID

After running the 775 Report, you may print the entire document or simply choose the pages corresponding to the sort method you prefer.

570 Report - Market Center and Balancing Services

In the reporting-intensive world following the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, CGT customers have requested more helpful information relating to storage, parking and lending accounts. In response, CGT will modify the 570 Report to display balances for all accounts that have either not expired or have a nonzero balance. Previously, the 570 Report offered only limited information ("no activity") for accounts without any action during the period of the report. Tonight's enhancement will make the 570 Report a much more complete summary of your overall position with CGT.

Your Voice Counts

CGT welcomes your feedback on these report enhancements. Whether listening during everyday business conversations, initiating an inquiry on specific issues or through the annual customer satisfaction survey, CGT will continue to search for the path to better customer service. Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative if you have any feedback on the latest steps.

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