Forms - Two for One

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved PG&E's request to simplify and streamline the two forms previously used to revise Exhibits C and D of PG&E's Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA). These two forms are now replaced by the single Form 79-1026, Authorization to Revise Nominating Marketer on Exhibits C and D of Form 79-756--Natural Gas Service Agreement. This new authorization form is now available from Pipe Ranger's Standard Forms page and is used for:

  1. an end-use customer to indicate a nominating and balancing marketer
  2. a marketer to receive end-use customer invoices and balancing statements

The new form brings with it streamlined procedures that will avoid oversights common with the old forms. When adding a new supplier, all previous suppliers will now be removed unless the customer indicates otherwise. Additionally, any new supplier authorized to trade the customer's imbalance will receive imbalance statements unless the customer indicates otherwise.

Although the end-use customer's signature on this form is required to add or delete suppliers, it is not needed to change a supplier's contact information (name, e-mail address, etc.). Updated contact information may be provided to PG&E via phone or e-mail.

If you have any questions concerning updating marketer information or standard forms, please contact a CGT Account Services Representative or the end-use customer's assigned PG&E Account Manager (preferably by e-mail).

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