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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Deft Hand Is Rewarded when Re-ranking

Ranking nominations is a powerful tool for managing gas supply. The most effective means of wielding this weapon is to give your nominations appropriate rankings when they are first created, normally in the Timely cycle. After Timely nominations are submitted, a deft hand and careful Pipe Kwon Do technique are required to change the ranking of nominations.

Steps to Re-ranking

The following Pipe Kwon Do steps and lessons will help you successfully re-rank nominations after their initial submission.

To reallocate previously scheduled volumes with re-ranking, deploy this three-step Pipe Kwon Do maneuver:

  1. Retrieve prior cycle nominations from the flow date status view screen.
  2. Change the volume to zero for the nominations you would like to re-rank.
  3. Create new nominations with revised rankings from the normal view screen.

A slight variation is required to re-rank AutoRenoms generated by prior cycle cuts:

  1. Retrieve the AutoRenom from the flow date status view screen.
  2. Change the volume to zero for the nominations you would like to re-rank.
  3. Create new nominations with revised rankings from the normal view screen.

Zeroed out nominations will remain in INSIDEtracc and retain the mode (Timely, Evening, etc.) they were originally created in. The new nominations created in step 3 are given the mode of the next cycle in which they will be processed.

If in the process of re-ranking you create a new nomination that your counterparty did not match via AutoRenom, the counterparty must submit a new, matching nomination.

Whether re-ranking or not, Pipe Kwon Do masters avoid unpleasant surprises by running the 100 Report after each cycle's confirm and schedule process.

For All Things, a Season

Evening cycle is the best time to submit re-ranked nominations. Re-ranked nominations created in the intraday cycles will be impacted by elapsed pro rata calculations, limiting your ability to alter flows.

Whichever cycle you choose, be sure to change rankings after a schedule process has concluded and before the deadline for the next nomination cycle.

Re-ranking at Constrained Locations

Nominations involving transportation from a constrained receipt point are not ideal candidates for re-ranking.

Astute Pipe Kwon Do disciples will recognize the risks of re-ranking nominations from a receipt point where nominations exceed capacity. Since re-ranking requires the creation of a new nomination in the next cycle, re-ranking a nomination involving transportation from a constrained receipt point will introduce the risk of losing previously scheduled volumes. Re-ranking pool to pool nominations at the same location eliminates such risk because they do not involve transportation.

Good Knowledge

Although not critical to proper ranking or re-ranking, Pipe Kwon Do students who have achieved the rank of purple belt and above have familiarized themselves with these two mantras:

  • The entity in the source ID field controls the destination ranking.
  • The entity in the destination ID field controls the source ranking.

These truths are often overlooked because INSIDEtracc allows any party to populate both the source and destination ranking fields for a nomination. For each nomination, however, only one field has any effect. Upon further reflection, these mantras simply display the natural balance of the marketplace: The seller decides to whom they will sell first and the buyer decides from whom they will buy first.

Knowledge is Preparation

Many wise schedulers avoid re-ranking nominations due to the complexity and risk involved. The same masterful schedulers, however, are prepared to employ re-ranking in times of need. For further assistance mastering the weaponry of re-ranking, please contact your California Gas Transmission Scheduling Representative.

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