Pipe Kwon Do

Friday, August 10, 2007

Daily Gas Usage: Two Temples, One Report

Today's Pipe Kwon Do reminds us that Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission offers two temples in which to meditate on daily gas usage.

INSIDEtracc is the most familiar venue, where many find solace in the 400 Report. Here you will enjoy the flexibility of choosing the date for which usage information is reported.

For those who seek to avoid INSIDEtracc's navigation rituals, however, Pipe Ranger's Tools & Services page offers similar information upon which to reflect. By clicking Web Reports and using your familiar log in, Pipe Ranger will quickly display yesterday's daily gas usage. You may further focus your study by using the Sort By drop-down menu.

Either of these two temples allows for reflection upon the same report: the daily gas usage of any end-use customer for whom you act as an agent or balancing entity. The choice is yours.

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