Pipe Kwon Do

Friday, August 13, 2004

Changing a Nomination Order for More Than One Day

Many customers place nomination orders for more than one day, often called a strip. Most place a strip of noms for the entire month. Today's Pipe Kwon Do is for those INSIDEtracc disciples who wish to gracefully modify such nominations mid-month.

A Pipe Kwon Do student is wise to study this mantra of the strip: one cannot change a date range involving a gas day for which the Timely cycle deadline has passed.

Assume you placed a nomination order for gas days October 1 - October 31, but on October 5 you would like to modify this nomination for the remainder of the month. Because the Timely cycle deadline for gas day October 5 has already passed, you may only modify the strip for gas days October 6 - October 31.

Prior to the Timely cycle deadline for gas day October 6 (9:30 a.m., Pacific time, October 5), you may pull up the original nomination order in the Normal View screen, change the date range to October 6 - 31, and make the desired modifications. To alter the nomination for gas day October 5, you must separately modify that day's nomination order in the Evening cycle.

After the Timely cycle deadline for October 6 has passed, however, you are limited to changing the remainder of the month nomination for October 7 - 31.

California Gas Transmission Scheduling Representatives are available via the CGT Helpline for further reflection on this mantra and its potential variations.

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