INSIDEtracc's Core Usage Forecast Screen and 900 Report Modified

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A few minor but noteworthy changes were made to INSIDEtracc last night, April 12, 2004.

Modifications to the Core Usage Forecast Screen

Effective January 1, 2004, OFO or EFO noncompliance charges for Core Procurement Groups are calculated based on the Determined Usage forecast (same day forecast), if available, rather than the 24-hour forecast (also known as the day-ahead or 1 Day Forecast). To provide relevant information and ease compliance with these new rules, California Gas Transmission modified INSIDEtracc's Core Usage/Forecast screen, under the Usage/Forecast menu option, as follows.

For each gas day within a specified date range, this screen now displays the following information: Scheduled (Dth), Determined Usage (Dth), 1 Day Forecast (Dth) and 2 Day Forecast (Dth). If an OFO or EFO has been called for a day within the range, then the Forecast (Dth) and Prelim/Final columns will be populated.

On the gas day of an OFO or EFO, if the Determined Usage number is available before 7:15 a.m., then the Determined Usage number will be reflected in the Forecast column and the Prelim/Final column will show "Final", indicating the Forecast column reflects the final numbers used to determine compliance.

If the Determined Usage is not available prior to 7:15 a.m. on the OFO day, then the OFO noncompliance charges will be based on the day-ahead forecast (1 Day Forecast or 24-hour forecast) and the Forecast column will reflect the same volume as the 1 Day Forecast column, with the word "Final" appearing in the Prelim/Final column.

Anytime prior to either the Determined Usage volume being available, or 7:15 a.m. on the OFO or EFO gas day, the Forecast column will reflect the 1 Day Forecast and will be marked "Prelim."

The 900 Report (Flow Order Event Customer Summary) will include both the volume from the Forecast column and the Prelim/Final indicator from the Core Usage/Forecast screen.

Changes to the 900 Report

Customers will also notice three modifications to the 900 Report (Flow Order Event Customer Summary).

Unnecessary columns are eliminated. Rather than including all four of the columns Overage Tolerance %, Declared Overage Charge, Underage Tolerance % and Declared Underage Charge, this report now only displays the two pertinent columns, depending on whether the flow order is a high or low inventory event.

In the event of a Stage 5 OFO or an EFO, the Declared Overage Charge or Declared Underage Charge will include "+DCI," reflecting the addition of the Daily Citygate Index to the noncompliance charge for these events. The actual value of the DCI will not be known until the day after the day of the OFO or EFO. CGT will post the DCI on Pipe Ranger as soon as it becomes available.

Finally, the 900 Report now displays the stage of the OFO in the upper left-hand corner, just above the date of the OFO.

Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative if you have any questions.

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