Big INSIDEtracc Improvements Coming Next Week

Friday, March 25, 2005

On Tuesday, August 19, California Gas Transmission will roll out several improvements to its INSIDEtracc nomination system. This announcement details the biggest of the changes and includes important information for schedulers. In the coming days, Pipe Ranger will bring you news of all the new features coming your way.

The AutoRenom You Asked For

Since CGT introduced AutoRenom in October 2001, customers have sung duets of enthusiasm and suggested improvement. Responding to feedback from its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, CGT is pleased to implement the AutoRenom enhancement you requested.

Beginning Tuesday, August 19, CGT will enable AutoRenom to account for all prior cycle cuts. Cuts received in any cycle, including Timely, Evening and Intraday 1, will be renominated back to the originally nominated volume. During each schedule process the AutoRenom feature will look at the original nominated volume and compare it to the total scheduled volumes as of the current cycle. Any difference will be renominated in the next cycle-exactly what customers asked for in CGT's last Customer Satisfaction Survey.


If you nominate on CGT's system, please familiarize yourself with the following details of the enhancement before Tuesday:


  • The enhanced AutoRenom will take effect Tuesday morning, August 19. Although the AutoRenom enhancements will not be in place when you make your Timely and Evening cycle nominations for gas day August 19, they will impact your Intraday nominations. CGT strongly recommends monitoring your Intraday 1 nominations Tuesday morning and your Intraday 2 AutoRenoms Tuesday afternoon.
  • If you wish to increase a nomination you must modify (swipe and type) the latest nomination using the Flow Date Status screen in INSIDEtracc. The latest nomination in the system will be the AutoRenom nomination, if available, or the nomination from the previous cycle. The current method of entering a new incremental nomination in the Normal View screen has not changed.
  • To decrease a nomination, modify (swipe and type) the latest nomination in INSIDEtracc. If you need to reduce the nominated volume by an amount greater than the latest nomination, zero out the latest nomination and then work backwards, zeroing out or decreasing the volume in each previous nomination until you have the desired total for the day. This is the best method to effectively decrease a nomination and ensure expected results
  • If you place an incremental nomination after the confirm process and an AutoRenom is generated by the schedule process, both volumes will be added together to create one AutoRenom for that nomination cycle. CGT recommends waiting until after the most recent schedule process has been completed to make any changes to existing nominations.
  • You will no longer see the AutoRenom checkbox on INSIDEtracc's nomination screens. Even if you have not previously used AutoRenom, please be aware the enhanced AutoRenom will be active for all nominations and all nominating parties beginning Tuesday morning.
  • If you currently upload nominations using a nomination spreadsheet and use the import options, please note that the AutoRenom column has been removed. Please either download a new nomination form from Pipe Ranger or delete the column from your spreadsheet. This change must be made Monday after Timely and Evening nominations have been placed for gas day Tuesday, August 19, and prior to importing nominations on Tuesday.
  • AutoRenoms will no longer receive an UNPROCESD stamp but will now be given a stamp indicating VALID and the specific nomination cycle.
  • The enhanced AutoRenom will now renominate volumes nominated by each party even if volumes are mismatched between buyer and seller. Previously, AutoRenom would only renominate for each party using the lesser-of rule. Beginning Tuesday, each party's AutoRenom will be up to the amount of the original nomination, regardless of any mismatch in the nominations.

AutoRenom enhancements are CGT's second initiative of 2003 responding to customer requests in its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The first such initiative allowed suppliers to see their end-use customers' MDQs.

If you have any questions about AutoRenom or the survey, please contact a CGT Scheduling or Account Services Representative.

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