Daily Parking

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Golden Gate Market Center can offer parking services even when you may least expect it.

The cool shoulder months of spring and early summer can bring OFOs to SoCal Gas' or California Gas Transmission's pipeline systems. Even during these high inventory events, don't forget to ring a Market Center Trader to inquire about parking services. On many of the recent OFO days, CGT's Golden Gate Market Center has used available storage injection to offer both parking services and as-available injection.

How can CGT offer parking during an OFO?

CGT uses the storage assets reserved for pipeline balancing to maintain pipeline inventory within operating limits. During an OFO, CGT uses all available pipeline balancing assets (50 MMcf/d of injection, 70 MMcf/d of withdrawal and 2.2 Bcf of inventory) to balance the pipeline. Any uncommitted storage assets beyond those used for balancing may be offered for storage, parking, or lending services.

What is available now?

CGT is now offering daily parking with unparking later this summer, when the hum of air conditioners will bring higher gas demand. Availability can change daily, so keep in touch with your Market Center Trader who is ready to craft a park that will meet your needs.

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