New Billing System Effects INSIDEtracc Changes

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

With the implementation of a new billing system at Pacific Gas and Electric Company, some information on INSIDEtracc's usage screens and reports will change slightly. These minor changes are mostly cosmetic in nature, and will not affect the way the system functions.

Beginning Wednesday, December 11, customers will see the following INSIDEtracc changes:

Usage Screens:

  • Usage Account number will no longer be shown on the usage screen or on the back pop-up (Usage Detail) screen, accessed by double-clicking on a specific date in the usage screen
  • Usage Detail screen will no longer show the Supply Detail Data section at the bottom of the screen
  • "Transportation Code" will be renamed "Transportation ID"
  • Tabs on the main usage screen page labeled "Usage Graph," "Usage Chart," and "Noncore Graph" ("Core Graph" on the Core Usage screens), all currently not supported by INSIDEtracc Web, will be removed


  • Usage Account number will no longer be shown on the 400 and 405 reports
  • "Transportation Code" will be renamed "Transportation ID"
  • "Channel ID#" will be renamed "Meter Number"

A California Gas Transmission Account Services Representative is available to answer any questions you may have about these changes, and can be reached at 1.800.343.4743.

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