Stay in Touch with E-mail OFO Notice

Friday, March 25, 2005

E-mail is one of the most convenient ways to receive OFO notices. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is now working to ensure that everyone interested in receiving such e-mail notices is set up to receive them.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Account Representatives are now asking noncore end-use gas customers to add an e-mail contact to their Natural Gas Service Agreements. When an OFO is called, OFO notices will then be e-mailed to these contacts. As a result, gas suppliers may receive some OFO notice questions from their end-use customers.

Similarly, California Gas Transmission is now contacting its customers who do not have an e-mail address listed in INSIDEtracc as an "OFO/EFO notify" or "Operating Communications" contact. If you are unsure who at your company receives OFO notices via e-mail, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

While INSIDEtracc remains the primary source of OFO notification, OFO updates are also available from Pipe Ranger, the CGT Helpline's prerecorded daily OFO update, e-mail, and OFO Text Messaging.

Pursuant to Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Advice Letter 2397-G, approved by the California Public Utilities Commission last month, OFO notification via fax will be discontinued in favor of e-mail service. Accordingly, the standard form Authorization to Revise Exhibit D of Pacific Gas and Electric Company Natural Gas Service Agreement has been updated to include e-mail addresses.

Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative with any questions.

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