Upcoming INSIDEtracc Changes

Friday, February 17, 2006

Effective Tuesday, October 23, 2001, California Gas Transmission will introduce four new enhancements to INSIDEtracc:

  • AutoRenom
  • E-Confirm/E-Accept
  • EDI Backhaul Nominations
  • Lodi Storage


Choosing the AutoRenom option tells INSIDEtracc to automatically create new nominations for future cycles when volumes in the current cycle are cut. AutoRenom replaces the current incremental nomination feature in INSIDEtracc.

E-Confirm / E-Accept

You've heard about it, now try it out! The E-Confirm/E-Accept enhancement allows you to electronically confirm and accept contracts:


E-Confirm: new Exhibits for Gas Transmission Service Agreements, based on previously recorded verbal agreements for transmission services


E-Accept: new GTSA or Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreements


For more detailed instructions, check out our E-Confirm/E-Accept online training module.

And don't forget to turn in that revised Electronic Commerce System User Agreement. A signed, revised User Agreement is necessary to take advantage of this new feature. If you have not received a revised ECS agreement, contact a CGT Account Services representative.

EDI Off-System Delivery (Backhaul) Nominations

With the new enhancements to INSIDEtracc, the downstream contract field (Down Cont) is now required for all off-system delivery nominations. In other words, you must use a downstream contract number when the destination (Dest ID) has a DD designation. Backhaul nominations placed through INSIDEtracc have not required a downstream contract number in the past.

The downstream contract number is obtained from the downstream pipeline and must be used in all off-system delivery nominations. Entering a downstream contract number for an on-system delivery nomination will result in an invalid nomination.

Nominations may be placed from multiple sources (Source ID) to one destination ID (DD) using one downstream contract number. All volumes for the contract will be totaled and sent to the downstream pipeline as a single nomination volume. To keep nomination volumes separate, uniquely identify each nomination with different package codes.

Lodi Storage

Lodi Gas Storage is a new third party storage facility. Once Lodi becomes operational (expected this winter), INSIDEtracc will allow customers to nominate into and out of this storage field.

Customers will have four new pools (Lodi Receipt, Normal Delivery, Firm Delivery and Downstream Delivery) to use with nominations. These pools can be viewed in the INSIDEtracc Contracts window and in the drop-down selections for Source and Destination ID fields in the Nominations screens.

Lodi Storage information will appear in the Pipeline Information screen under the Paths tab, by double-clicking one of the following selections in the Pipeline Information screen:

  • Baja to On-System
  • Redwood to On-System
  • Silverado to On-System
  • Mission to On-System
  • Mission to Off-System

A Lodi Storage selection (Lodi Stor. Interconnect) will appear under the Interconnects tab, showing total volumes nominated and scheduled into and out of the Interconnect.

Watch for more information on Pipe Ranger regarding Lodi Storage as we approach Lodi's operational date.

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