INSIDEtracc v.3.0 Features and Reports

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

The 100 Report: Confirmed Nominations and Scheduled Volumes

The 100 Report shows the pipeline schedules that have been received and processed by PG&E. Upstream pipelines and each nomination cycle are shown in a matrix format.

The 100 report takes up to 4 minutes to execute. That means users should wait at least this long before attempting to view this report through the Actuate viewer. Customers are especially interested in knowing when the numbers on the report can be considered "final."

Once PG&E's Scheduling group processes an upstream pipeline's scheduled volumes, an X appears in the matrix box under the nomination cycle for that pipeline. Although these numbers can be considered "final," occasionally upstream pipelines send a revision to their scheduled numbers. When this happens, PG&E reprocesses the volumes that have changed, and those changes are reflected on the 100 Report.

If the scheduled volumes are not received from an upstream pipeline in time for PG&E to process them for a particular nomination cycle, the confirmed volumes are considered to be the scheduled volumes for that pipeline and nomination cycle, and are used accordingly. In such a case, the matrix box will be blank under the cycle heading for that pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the 100 Report:


Q. How do I know if scheduled numbers for a nomination cycle have been processed?



A. There will be an X in the matrix box under the nomination cycle heading for at least one of the pipelines listed.



Q. Do all the pipelines have to have an X in a nomination cycle for the report to be considered "final?"



A. No. There can be instances where PG&E has not received scheduled volumes for one or more pipelines for a given cycle. Those scheduled volumes that have been received can be considered final (see next question).



Q. Can the numbers change on my 100 Report even if there is an X in a cycle for all the pipelines?



A. Yes. Some pipelines send in revised numbers. Those get processed through the PG&E system and will be reflected on your revised 100 Report.



Q. I keep trying to run a report, and I get a message that says that the data is not available. What does that mean?



A. The report is probably locked. Click on Navigate > Nominations > Report Status to see if the report for the date you are looking at has been unlocked. If it is locked you will not be able to run a report. Check back at a later time to see if the report status has changed.


The 400 Report: Daily Gas Used by Agent

The 400 report provides information only for prior gas days. CGT noticed during the first OFO that users were trying to run the 400 report for the current or next day's usage information.

The 502 Report: Activity by Marketer

The 502 report provides a summary of activity by nominating customer during the specified time period. The volumes reported on the 502 report are scheduled, delivered volumes (shrinkage is already factored in). The report does not reflect the ownership of the source, destination, or transmission contract. This report is simply a summary by nominating customer. The 502 report should not be used to verify volumes shown on the detail of bill.

If you would like to verify contract volumes on the monthly consolidated detail of bill, please call your CGT Account Representative. We can provide you with report information, soon to be available within INSIDEtracc, that reflects activity by transportation contract.

The 775 Report: NBAA Aggregation Reports

Noncore Balancing Aggregation Agreement (NBAA) contract holders can use this report to view a list of companies, transportation IDs, addresses, cities and effective dates. Marketers may also use the Usage/Forecast screen to view their customers via a drop down box.

Core Load Usage and Forecast Screens

The core load usage and forecast screens for CTARGAS accounts show only the volumes nominated, confirmed and scheduled to the Citygate. (Storage nominations were also included in the initial release, but are no longer included). Storage activity is included in your 502 report.

Validating Nominations

To validate nominations in the nomination order screen, under the "Preferences" selection on the tool bar, please make sure the "Validate on Submit" item is checked. When this is the case, INSIDEtracc will validate the nomination before it is submitted to PG&E. If there is a nomination error such as an incomplete nomination, an error message will appear. This provides you with an opportunity to correct a nomination before it enters the PG&E system.

It is also important to note that when decreasing a nomination in a previous cycle for the same day, you must use the Nomination Transaction Screen in INSIDEtracc. To decrease future nominations, you must use the Nomination Order Screen.

Calculating Shrinkage

For your information: the shrinkage calculation used by PG&E's INSIDEtracc v3.0 is slightly different from that used in the past. INSIDEtracc now calculates shrinkage as follows:
Delivery volume = Receipt volume * (100% - shrinkage %)
Receipt volume = Delivery volume / (100% - shrinkage %)

In developing our new system, which went into operation on March 1, 1998, PG&E took the opportunity to make its shrinkage calculation consistent with GISB standards for interstate pipelines.

Also Important to Know

Running reports in the Foreground vs. Background does not make any difference in the speed of report execution. If you run reports in the Background, your computer will allow you to do other tasks while the report is executing.

Remember to log in periodically to delete old reports! Old reports will continue to reside on the server. Deleting old reports will improve the report execution time for all INSIDEtracc users.

To delete reports, choose Navigate/Run Reports/View Saved Reports from the INSIDEtracc drop-down menu. Select the Lighthouse ("Navigator") icon, and logon to the Actuate Viewer using your INSIDEtracc logon ID and password. Make sure the Volume field has the entry: gtsnt. You will see a folder with your logon ID name. Double click on the folder to open it, and view all the reports you have run. Highlight any report(s) you'd like to delete, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Please contact a PG&E Transportation Scheduler or your CGT Account Services Representative if you have additional questions on using INSIDEtracc.

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