PG&E Core Firm Storage

Download our storage inventory Excel tool to assist you with illustrating how injection and withdrawal capacities change based on your annual inventory.


Effective April 1, 2020, revisions were implemented for PG&E’s gas schedule G-CT (Core Gas Aggregation Service) and gas schedule G-CFS (Core Firm Storage), in compliance with Decision 19-09-025. Per Advice Filing 4170-G-A, the Decision includes the following changes to core firm storage injection and withdrawal rights.

Regardless of annual inventory, injection during the summer months and withdrawal during the winter months for all G-CFS customers will be fixed. Countercyclical injection and withdrawal are no longer available. The fixed injection and withdrawal capacity (Dth/day) will change depending on the following variable:

AI = Annual Inventory

  • Injection Capacity (April through October) = (AI * 25,000) / 5,175,000
  • Withdrawal Capacity (November and March) = (AI * 159,000) / 5,175,000
  • Withdrawal Capacity (December through February) = (AI * 318,000) / 5,175,000
  • Countercyclical injection and withdrawal capacity = 0