Frequently Asked Questions: Natural Gas Service Agreement (NGSA)

The Natural Gas Transmission (NGSA) Exhibit C provides the NGSA owner with the opportunity to name a nominating marketer. The Exhibit C will also indicate whether or not the nominating marketer will have access to gas metering data and contract quantities, or be authorized to execute imbalance trades. Marketers may want to talk to end-use customers about this, and ask for a copy of the Exhibit C to check the authorization levels.

The Authorization to Revise Exhibit C is one of our Standard Forms available in .pdf format for downloading. You may also use this form to cancel the designation of a nominating agent.

To change or add a supplier, the end-use customer must submit an executed Exhibit C at least three working days before the start of the month in which the change will take effect.

Yes, any customer that has signed an Exhibit A to your NBAA will be added to your balancing pool. There is no requirement that you also be the authorized marketer under Exhibit C on their NGSA.