Pools - A Nomination Tool

Pools are nomination tools that allow customers to aggregate natural gas supply from several sources on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's pipeline system. Once this supply is aggregated into a pool, it can then be nominated to another pool or to an end-use customer. Here are some basic concepts about pools. How to Use a Pool outlines the steps involved.

Who's Eligible

Customers who hold a Gas Transmission Service Agreement (GTSA) will be assigned pools

Types of Pools

There are three types of pools:

  • receipt pools
  • delivery pools/firm
  • delivery pools/normal
  • Pools exist at each interconnect and at the Citygate
  • Normal pools can receive gas transported using as-available or firm service (however, gas transported via firm service into a normal pool loses its firm identity)


California Gas Transmission does not charge for pool nominations at a given physical point on CGT's pipeline system. For example, a receipt pool at Malin may trade with other receipt pools at Malin without incurring charges. Transportation charges are incurred when gas is moved out of a pool on the transportation path.