Reading Your California Gas Transmission Invoice

All California Gas Transmission charges are included in one monthly invoice, under one account number, with a total charge due for each month. The first page gives a summary all your gas transmission products and is followed by detailed itemization for each section.

Here's a summary of the sections the consolidated detail of bill includes:

  • Gold Coast Transportation Service
  • Golden Gate Market Center-Parking/Lending
  • Golden Gate Market Center-Storage
  • OFO/EFO Noncompliance Charges
  • Balancing Charges/Credits for G-BAL
  • Balancing Charges/Credits for California Production
  • Core Transport Rate Credit

Calculation of OFO/EFO Noncompliance Charges and Credits, Balancing Charges/Credit for G-BAL and Balancing Charges/Credits for California Production are discussed in detail; we believe the other sections are self-explanatory. Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative with any questions regarding your monthly invoice.

Payment is due and payable on the due date shown on the bill. Interest Charges are assessed on unpaid balances, in accordance with gas Rule 25 .

Your invoice packet also includes a Payment Designation Form. In addition, an Imbalance Summary is enclosed (for informational purposes only).