Citygate Diagram

What is the Citygate?

The Citygate is any point at which the backbone transmission system connects to the local transmission and distribution system. The Citygate is not one specific, physical location. It is a virtual trading point on CGT's system.
What is at the Citygate?

Green Color BulletCitygate Market Center Accounts
Green Color BulletPacific Gas and Electric Company Storage
Green Color BulletCitygate Receipt/Delivery Pools
Green Color BulletThird Party On-system Storage
Citygate Diagram
How do I get to the Citygate?

On-system transportation

Green Arrow BulletRedwood On
Red Arrow BulletSilverado On
Blue Arrow BulletBaja On
How do I move from one Citygate location to another?

Orange Arrow BulletMission On transportation
Where can I go from the Citygate?

Red Arrow BulletTo an Off-system destination by using Mission Off transportation
Red Arrow BulletTo a Pacific Gas and Electric Company end-use customer by nominating directly to their destination ID
Mission path icon