Balancing Charges/Credits for G-BAL and California Production

Your California Gas Transmission Detail of Bill includes a section for Balancing Charges/Credits for both California Production Balancing Agreement (CPBA) and G-BAL imbalances. Check the title at the top of each block to determine which type of imbalance charge or credit is detailed in that block. California Production Balancing charges or credits will include "CPBA" in the title; G-BAL charges or credits will have "G-Bal" in the title

California Production Balance Cashout

If you are an Authorized Agent for a CPBA contract and have an imbalance that was not cleared by the following month, the cashout will appear on the next month's invoice. (E.g., in the case of an April imbalance that was not cleared by the last business day of May, the cashout would appear on the invoice for the billing period June 1-30.)

G-BAL Balancing Cashout

Customers with an imbalance subject to cashout will have balancing charges/credits in this section of the invoice. If there were no volumes subject to cashout, this block will not be included in the detail of bill.

The current balancing cashout provisions include a commodity charge or credit and a transmission charge or credit. The commodity charge/credit is in two tiers. The Tier 1 commodity charge/credit applies to any cumulative imbalance greater than 5% and less than or equal to 10%. The Tier 2 commodity charge/credit applies to any cumulative imbalance greater than 10%. The transmission cashout is a charge/credit for on-system backbone transportation which occurs with associated commodity credits/charges.

G-BAL cashout rates are available on this Web site.

We hope this explanation is helpful to you. If you have questions about balancing charges or credits, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.