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CGT Helpline: 1.800.343.4743

One toll-free call to the CGT Helpline puts you in touch with our Gas Scheduling team.

Use the direct numbers below to reach our Senior Gas Traders and Account Managers.

Calling California Gas Transmission's Helpline at 1-800-343-4743 gives you options to talk with one of our representatives.

Direct Contact Information for CGT Representatives
NamePhoneE-Mail / IM
Manager, Gas Trading   CGT Sales
Allen DeBrum 925.244.3498 IM: allendebrum
Senior Gas Traders   CGT Sales
Roger Cheng 925.244.3526 IM: rogeracheng
Jaime Rincon 925.244.3515 IM: jaime.rincon1
Shannon Varjassy 925.244.3533 IM: shannonvarjassy 
Account Managers Fax: 925.244.3544 CGT Services
Neil Bhakta 925.244.3534 IM: CGTNeil 
Beth Durant 925.244.3519 IM: CGTBeth
Alan Phongsa 925.244.3506 IM: CGTAlan_Phongsa
Tilda Tannehill 925.244.3536 IM: CGTTilda
Scheduling Fax: 925.244.4619 CGT Scheduling
Darrell Binkney 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Giovanni Iniguez 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Brian Mohr 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Austin Nichols 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Trellis Reeves 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Jason Wong 800.343.4743 IM: CGTScheduling1 
Pipe Ranger Web Site Questions   CGT Pipe Ranger
INSIDEtracc Support 800.343.4743  
Biomethane Supply Interconnection   CGT Biomethane
Kenneth Brennan 925.244.3522