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PG&E DEEMED REBATE Program Updates



The Products and Programs team has several important updates to share with you regarding our Deemed Rebate program. Please share this email with the appropriate parties within your organization.

Exterior LED deemed rebates now available / LED High Bay rebates coming soon

PG&E is pleased to announce the launch of a new rebate product for Exterior LED fixtures or retrofit kits. The product features rebates between $15-$75 for exterior LED fixtures replacing HID, incandescent or low pressure sodium fixtures. Detailed product information, including measure codes, rebate amounts and eligibility requirements can be viewed here. All qualified measures installed after 9/23/13 are eligible for the rebate.

PG&E made the decision to expedite the launch of these measures because their high market potential and associated energy savings. As a result of the expedited launch these measures will not appear in the catalog or be available in eRebates until January 2014 however are rebatable via the guidelines in the attached document.

In November, we will be launching a new rebate product for LED High/Low Bay fixture replacements. Please look for the program change announcements via email soon.

Clarification of application Step 6a requirements

A recent CPUC decision requires contractors who install HVAC equipment that requires a permit to include a verification signature if receiving a rebate for that equipment. For ease to our contractors the PG&E Deemed application now includes a section for that signature /verification to be registered. Recently, there has been some confusion over the requirements in Step 6a of the deemed application, pictured below.

Here are the guidelines for Step 6a of the application:

  • This section must be completed for any application including measures SA16-19, HA08 and HA11.
  • Measure Codes H148 and H182 do not require this section to be completed. However: eRebates has not been updated to reflect this change for these two measure codes and will still require this signature to be included. PG&E is working to make this change to eRebates in the near future.
  • As of October 1, 2013, no exceptions will be granted for customers who claim the measure did not require a permit or customers who did not use a licensed contractor.
  • We strongly discourage additional sales of measures HA08 and HA11. The building permit requirement for these measures is likely to incite customer complaints. This measure will be sunset at the end of the year, but in the meantime, please do not actively sell these products.

Thank you and please let your PG&E Trade Professional Manager (TPM) know if you have any questions. Your TPM support team and the coverage areas assigned are indicated below.
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