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Customized Retrofit Program Updates



Hello PG&E Trade Professionals,

The PG&E team would like to share a few important updates with you about the Customized Retrofit Program.

1) New incentive rates and categories became effective June 1, 2013. All applications received prior to June 1 will receive incentive levels defined for that time period; applications received after June 1 will receive the updated incentive levels.

The new categories and rates are summarized as follows:

  • Targeted Lighting ($0.08/kWh): All LED lighting retrofits, EMS lighting control systems, and "comprehensive" lighting control solutions (those involving 3+ of the following strategies: occupancy sensing, scheduling, task tuning, day-lighting control, demand response).
  • Basic Lighting ($0.03/kWh): All lighting retrofits not included in the Targeted Lighting category (non-LED lighting systems, basic control systems).
  • Targeted Non-Lighting ($0.15/kWh): Identical to the current $0.15/kWh AC&R I category. Generally speaking, these are wholesale HVAC or Refrigeration system change-outs that result in improved overall system efficiency (e.g. kW/ton improvements).
  • Basic Non Lighting ($0.08/kWh): Identical to the current $0.09/kWh AC&R II, Motors & Other categories, but the incentive is reduced from $0.09/kWh to $0.08/kWh. Generally speaking, these are non-HVAC or refrigeration measures, or HVAC/Refrigeration measures that involve add-ons or component replacements that result in reduced operation or load.
  • No change to the Gas ($1/therm) or Peak Demand ($100/kW) categories or rates.
  • The rollout date for any incentive bonuses, including the Targeted Substation bonus and the Comprehensiveness bonus, remains TBD.

2) New certification forms and signature requirements are needed to comply with state legislation and CPUC ordering paragraphs. All Core and GP applications approved for installation after June 11, 2013 will be subject to the following:

  • Incentive Recipient Certification Form: All incentive recipients must certify that they have used a licensed contractor and complied with applicable permitting requirements for their project installation. This new form must be signed and returned to their Project Office Implementation Manager after installation of the project before an incentive is paid.
  • Contractor Certification Form: For projects involving HVAC system replacement measures, the general contractor or contractor installing the HVAC measure must certify they are licensed and have complied with applicable permitting requirements by also completing and signing this new form after installation of the project before an incentive is paid.
  • Both forms can be found at this website:
  • Project Office Implementation Managers (post application submission) will be responsible for the distribution and collection of these forms. The forms will be distributed to the Project Sponsor upon approval of the project and notice to proceed with installation. The Project Sponsor is required to return the form(s) to their Project Office Implementation Manager after installation of the project in order to be eligible for an incentive.
  • For Trade Pro's participating in PG&E's eRebates submission process there is a different Contractor Certification form located on the first page of your Trade Professional account.

3) What to expect later in 2013

  • The PG&E team is evaluating a rule change that would prevent deemed-eligible measures from being run through the customized retrofit program. The earliest this rule change would take effect is October 2013.

Information on the recent changes and other overall information on the Customized program can be found online here. For questions, please contact your Trade Professional Manager.

Thank you!

  Chris Tanner
Trade Professional Manager

Quess Ellis
Trade Professional Manager

Mark Salavitch
Trade Professional Manager
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