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February 2014


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Does that email look phishy?

Does that email look phishy?

Scammers send "phishing" emails that appear to come from a trusted source in order to lure unsuspecting recipients into sharing personal data. Scam emails may contain alarmist messages or promises of easy money. To protect yourself, don't click on links from people or companies that you don't know.

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Instead of making a few home improvements here and there to make your home more energy efficient, Energy Upgrade CaliforniaTM Home Upgrade rewards you for addressing your home as a complete system. Heating, air conditioning, and water-heating all work together to help you live comfortably while lowering your utility bills.

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Which item uses more energy?



Paperless billing makes it simple

Looking for ways to tidy up your life? Switch to paperless billing. It's fast and convenient; you can view and pay your bill in one easy step and access your account history online 24/7.

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PG&E's Appliance Recycling Program is an easy way to get rid of your old, working refrigerator. When you get a new, energy–efficient model, Sears will deliver your new fridge and recycle the old unit in one simple step. You'll enjoy lower energy costs and get $125 in rebates and incentives!

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