Standard Net Energy Metering (NEMS)

NEMS (previously Standard E-NET) is a net energy metering program for all customers with eligible solar, wind or hybrid (solar and wind) generators that are less than or equal to 30 kilowatts in size.

NOTE: Customers must not operate any generating facility in parallel with Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) distribution facilities until they receive written authorization from PG&E, as is required in Electric Rule 21. Unauthorized operation may result in personal injury, equipment damage and/or property damage for which the customer may be liable.

Recent Interconnection News
02/20/2014Load Aggregation Approved Under the NEM Tariff (PDF, 257 KB)
12/01/2013New streamlined Standard Interconnection Agreement and Authorization Form (79-1151A) and Standard Interconnection Application Form (79-1151B) developed and approved by the CPUC

Prepare for Your Project

PG&E’s Electric Generation Interconnection Department can help you understand the steps you need to take set up your net energy metering interconnection for solar and/or wind electric generating facilities.

This website provides a variety of resources to prepare for project, including:

Getting Started Guides

How Do I Apply?

All of the below listed components, correctly filled out, constitutes a complete Standard NEM interconnection request.

Electronically filling out the requested items identified below using a computer will greatly expedite the interconnection process and allow for quicker turnaround.

Item RequestedWhy It Is Requested
1. Agreement and Customer Authorization Form 79-1151A (PDF, 241 KB)Provides important customer, contractor, system and rate information about the project. Single form that allows the customer to authorize their contractor or another Third Party to act on its behalf (i.e., fill out Application for NEM Interconnection, receive communication regarding the interconnection application, including a copy of the Permission to Operate notice).
2. Application for NEM Interconnection Form 79-1151B (PDF, 218 KB)Provides important generating facility information, description of generating facilities and guidelines for additional documentation to submit a complete application. Application includes the basic single-line diagram.
3. Final Building Permit / Inspection CertificateCopy of final building permit / inspection certificate that allows PG&E to know that the project has been finished and approved by local building authority. Note that we only require the final signed off permit showing that the construction has received final approval by the local authorities.
4. NEM Load Aggregation Appendix

5. Custom Single-Line Diagram
Applicable only to eligible customers applying under NEM Aggregation

Simple diagram for technical review. Here is an example.
6. Variance RequestThe Customer or Customer’s Contractor can request a Variance Request from PG&E if the project is unable to meet the requirements described in the Distribution Interconnection Handbook and Greenbook. Please see the Application for NEM Interconnection for further details on Variance Request components.
7. PV Module Equipment Spec SheetIf the PV module is not listed on the approved equipment list, please provide a copy of the equipment spec sheet detailing the make, model, and rating.
8. Inverter Module Equipment Spec SheetIf the inverter is not listed on the approved equipment list, please provide a copy of the equipment spec sheet detailing the make, model, and rating.

Please submit the appropriate documents via one of the methods outlined below:

  1. Email:
    *This is the preferred method as this allows PG&E to streamline the process and attend to your request more quickly.

  2. Mail hard copies of all appropriate documents to:
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    Attention: Electric Generation Interconnection
    Mail Code N7L
    245 Market St.
    San Francisco, CA 94105

Attention: PG&E may not be able to interconnect your generator if it is located in certain areas of San Francisco or Oakland. Please read our notice about Secondary Networks.

Who should I contact for additional information?

For questions about PG&E’s renewable programs and NEM accounts, please view the following webpage for further details: or contact the Gen Hotline at (415) 972-5676.

For questions about interconnection, you can email us at or contact the Gen Hotline at (415) 972-5676.