CSI Incentives

The CSI incentives differ by customer segment and system size, and are intended to encourage high performing systems.

Incentive Structure

There is an option of two types of incentives available through the CSI program: Expected Performance-Based Buydown and Performance-Based Incentives.

Expected Performance-Based Buydown (EPBB)

EPBB is a one time, up-front payment based on an estimate of the system's future performance.

Performance-Based Incentives (PBI)

For solar projects with a system larger than 30 kW*, PBI are monthly payments for 5 years based on actual performance (output) of the system as measured by a separate performance meter. Solar projects that are less than 30 kW may opt into PBI.

* Effective January 1, 2010 any system larger than 30kW is required to select the PBI Incentive.

Incentive Rate

The incentive rate is based on the incentive type—EPBB or PBI, and the relevant customer segment—residential, commercial or government/non-profit and current incentive step.

The program has 10 steps with a predetermined number of MegaWatts (MW) dedicated to each Step Level. CSI incentives will be disbursed based on the corresponding rates for that step until approval of applications totaling the allocated MW pushes the program to the next step. At which time, CSI incentives rates automatically decline as illustrated in the charts below.

For example, once 20.5 MW of nonresidential (commercial, government and non-profit entities) solar energy systems were reserved in Step 2, non-residential incentives dropped to those applicable in Step 3 and so on.


Current Step Status

You may track the status of the current step by visiting the Statewide Trigger Tracker website. This page will show the number of MW approved in the current step under the “Issued Conditional Reservation Letters (MW)” column as well as how many MW are still available. For an accurate count of the MW available in the current step, please subtract the “MW Under Review” column from the “MW Remaining” column.

Incentive Calculation

Incentive amounts are determined using an online tool called the Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB) Calculator. The calculator estimates the production of the system accounting for any factors which may affect performance such as equipment, location, orientation, tilt, shading and stand-off height. A copy of the calculator results must accompany your CSI application and should be completely accurate.

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