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Energy-Efficient TVs

Saving energy has never been more entertaining.

Make energy efficiency a feature of your next TV. Did you know that consumer electronics account for up to 15% of household electricity use? PG&E is working with manufacturers and retailers of consumer electronics to bring you the highest efficiency TVs.

These retailers and manufacturers support PG&E's initiative for energy-efficient electronics. Click on the logos below to shop now:


Look for the PG&E and ENERGY STAR® stickers on your next purchase.
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Why ENERGY STAR? Get the facts.

The average U.S. home has two TVs, three phones and a DVD player. Replacing these items with ENERGY STAR-qualified models would save more than 25 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent to the emissions released by more than 2 million cars.

While many consumer electronic products use energy even when switched off, electronics equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR help save energy when off, while maintaining features like clock displays, channel settings and remote-control functions.

You can find the ENERGY STAR logo on everything from standard TVs to HD-ready TVs to the largest flat-screen plasma TVs.

So make the switch. Purchase an ENERGY STAR product today.

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