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Analyze your energy use and find ways to save. If you have a SmartMeter, you can view hourly usage and see the causes of spikes. You can compare bills, make sure you have the optimal rate, and even create a personalized plan of action for saving energy and money.
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My Usage:
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Your bill is now easier to understand
If you have a SmartMeter, you can clearly see monthly, daily and even hourly usage and costs. Plus, you can compare your usage against weather conditions, and see how it affects your monthly bill.
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Is your rate structure right for you?
PG&E has multiple rate options that could help you save energy and money. This section lets you weigh your options and pick the best rate plan for you.

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Create a personalized action plan to save money and energy, and get great tips—from smart purchases, to timely retrofits—that can lead to big savings.

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How to view your energy usage

In this tutorial, you will...

Learn how to see, compare, and analyze your energy usage to maximize savings - and get great information on conserving energy.

To view your energy consumption for a given time period...

Step 1:

Click on the My Usage tab. Next to the Location field, click Change to select the service you want to view. Then, next to Show my select your type of service and next to by select the the Time Period.

Note: If you see the Two Ways to Select Your Accounts screen when you click My Usage, click Next under the For All Other Accounts column.

Once your usage is displayed...

Step 2:

Hover your cursor over the time period to see your exact energy usage. You can change the time period that is displayed by clicking on the highlighted time period.

To compare your energy usage against weather conditions or compare monthly costs...

Step 3:

Just click Costs or Weather under the graph.

How to enroll in Peak Day Pricing (PDP)

In this tutorial, you will...

Enroll in the Peak Day Pricing (PDP) program, which offers lower rates during periods when electric demand is low and higher rates when demand is high. If you can reduce or shift use away from higher priced peak periods, you may be able to lower your overall electricity bills.

To view eligibility requirements, and get started...

Step 1:

Click the Overview tab and select the account you want to work with in the Bill & Payment field.

To view eligibility requirements, and get started...

Step 2:

Scroll to the Shortcuts field on the Overview page. Click View Peak Day Pricing Eligibility.

To view eligibility requirements, and get started...

Step 3:

  • Select and affirm the services that are automatically switching to PDP.
  • Make changes and additions to your list of services enrolled in PDP.
  • Check for additional services eligible for PDP.

How to set up alerts

In this tutorial, you will...

Learn how to get automatic updates - get real-time information you can use to save energy and money.

Sign-up for timely updates on important things like SmartMeter™ Energy Alerts and PDP event day information.

Step 1:

Go to the Pay & Manage tab and select Profile.

Step 2:

Scroll to the Notification Settings section and click Edit.

Step 3:

Select the alerts you want to set up.

  • For SmartMeter alerts, click Manage My Energy Alerts.
  • For PDP event days, select the service(s) you wish to edit in the table and click Edit All Selected.

How to manage and pay your bill online

In this tutorial, you will...

Learn to pay your bill, manage your account more efficiently, and customize it to your needs - online.

To make online payments, view your bill, and set up payment options online, you must first enroll in e-Bills.

Step 1:

Enrolling in e-Bills is safe, secure, and free. On the Overview page, click Enroll in e-Bills.

To make a one-time payment...

Step 2:

On the Overview page, click Pay to pay your bill with a checking or money market account.

To view your bill for each account...

Step 3:

Go to the Pay & Manage tab and select Billing & Payments. If you have multiple accounts, click the account number you'd like to work with.

To view and pay your bill for the selected account...

Step 4:

  • Scroll down to view your statement, or to see a breakdown of your account balance by service.
  • Click Pay to pay your bill.
  • Click the .pdf icon on the top of the table to print or save a copy of your bill.

To set up recurring payments, account options and more...

Step 5:

On the same page, scroll to the Billing & Payment Options field to section for account options. Here you can:

Please note that available options may vary.