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CARE Sub-Metered Tenant Program Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the discount last?

You will receive the discount for two years before you need to re-apply. Pacific Gas and Electric Company will automatically contact tenants for re-certification.

Do I have to show proof of income when I apply?

Proof of income is not required during the application process. However, a random sample of CARE customers is asked to provide income verification for quality assurance purposes.

How will I know when the discount has been applied to my account?

Pacific Gas and Electric Company will send both tenants and landlords a letter welcoming them to the CARE Program. The landlord is then responsible for passing through the CARE discount. The discount should appear on the energy bill that tenants receive from the landlord.

If my family has been denied CARE benefits before, how soon can we re-apply?

Pacific Gas and Electric Company encourages families to re-apply whenever their income situation changes. Income guidelines change in June of each year.

My landlord has questions about the CARE Program. Where should I refer her for more information?

She can call 415-972-5732 to reach the sub-metered hotline for more information.

If you have additional questions about the program, call Pacific Gas and Electric Company at 1-866-PGE-CARE (1-866-743-2273) or e-mail CARE.