Partnering for a Greener San Francisco

PG&E has proposed an unprecedented and far-reaching partnership with the City of San Francisco to develop alternative energy sources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster sustainability. Review our brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB) for more details on this exciting vision for our home city. Starting with San Francisco, we will be looking for opportunities to help other communities we serve become even more sustainable.

Let's Green This City

Let's Green This City is an outreach initiative in San Francisco, focused on what it means to live and do business in our home city while maintaining a healthy, sustainable relationship with our environment.Visit for a wide range of resources, including:

• Things you can do at home and at work
• A directory of green businesses in San Francisco
• A listing of various green products
• Information on volunteer opportunities and green jobs

An Unprecedented and Far-Reaching Partnership

We have launched a remarkable collaboration with the City to bring an enhanced energy efficiency program worth $11.5 million to the City and its energy customers. And we can go much further to help San Francisco realize its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. PG&E brings the potential for another $7.5 million or more in solar investment in the City, as well as real investments in economic development and new technologies.

To serve our home City and customers with innovative solutions, we have proposed a productive, environmentally progressive, and creative partnership for San Francisco's energy future, built around these key points:

Expand the Solar Schools and Solar Habitat Programs.
We continue to invest in these programs in San Francisco and partner with food banks, neighborhood centers, and youth centers.
Invest at least $5 million for new solar installations in the City.
This would include solar arrays on PG&E's own properties or other sites where installation can be expedited.
Use ocean tidal resources to produce real, non-polluting energy.
We are currently working with an ocean power innovator to harvest San Francisco's unique natural tidal resources as a source of clean energy.
Support green energy companies towards a sustainable green economy.
We propose to invest our capital and work with the City to strongly support the expansion of green energy companies (manufacturers, integrators, designers). We can help to keep or grow their business here, so that San Francisco can pioneer clean-energy economic development, providing the model for so many cities that are looking to create 'clean' industry and jobs.
Enable San Francisco customers to declare their energy use 'climate neutral' and propel the City towards achieving its greenhouse gas reduction goals.
PG&E launched ClimateSmart -- a first-of-its-kind voluntary program that allows our customers to make their home or office energy use "climate neutral."
Partner with the City to turn the brown-fields of Treasure Island and Hunters Point into clean, green, and fully sustainable communities.
At the heart of our vision for a green future is potentially the most productive partnership ever undertaken between a municipality and a utility, cohesively joined in collective force to develop sustainable residential and mixed use communities at Treasure Island and Hunters Point.

Giants, PG&E and Solar Energy

The San Francisco Giants and PG&E partnered to install a solar system at AT&T Park, the first ballpark in Major League Baseball to install a solar system.

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