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Humboldt WaveConnect™ Pilot Project

As part of the WaveConnect Program, PG&E is proposing an ocean wave energy pilot study to be conducted off the coast of Humboldt County, Calif. This study will give wave energy converter (WEC) manufacturers the opportunity to test their devices on a common site and facilitate the development of wave energy technology. Renewable electrical power from the WECs will be provided to the coastal community for the limited time of the pilot license. PG&E intends to use the most effective WEC technologies for future ocean wave energy projects.

A maximum of four WEC technologies will be selected for the study location, each with an array of one or more devices. The wave energy captured by the WECs is transferred through a sub-sea power cable to land, where the energy is conditioned and fed to the electrical grid.

Wave energy conversion (WEC) devices capture the ocean's energy. The energy is transmitted through an undersea cable to land, where the energy is conditioned and fed to the electric grid.

Past Public Meeting

June 8 & 9 – Joint Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/California State Lands Commission (FERC/CSLC) public technical meetings (June 9) and onshore site tour (June 8).

The purpose of the technical meetings was to discuss the proposed project, and information and monitoring needs for the final license application. The evening meeting was primarily for receiving input from the public and the daytime meeting focused on resource agency, Indian tribes, and non-governmental organization concerns.

The purpose of the onshore site tour was to allow all interested entities an opportunity to tour the specific locations of the proposed land-based facilities.

Official FERC Notice (PDF, 89 KB)

A copy of the presentation made by PG&E at the daytime meeting is available here: PG&E June 8 & 9 Presentation (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Preliminary Study Site

The Humboldt WaveConnect study site is an approximately 18-square statute mile rectangle located between two and three nautical miles off the Coast of Humboldt County. PG&E has been granted permission from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to conduct baseline environmental studies within this area (see actual permit below). With the help of local stakeholders and regulatory agencies, PG&E is looking to further reduce the study area to approximately one square nautical mile.

FERC Documents

Use the first link below to find all the documents filed at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding this project. Use the second link to sign up with FERC to receive email notification of all new documents pertaining to this project.

Environmental Review Process

The Humboldt WaveConnect pilot project is a multiyear process involving many partners and benchmarks. Learn more about the environmental review requirements, the timeline and the licensing and permitting agencies involved in this project:

Public Involvement

PG&E is working with the community to collect feedback and inform sound decisions for the Humboldt WaveConnect Pilot Project. In July 2009, the Humboldt Working Group (HWG) was formed from a cross section of Humboldt community interests to provide input, through collaboration, toward the preparation of a FERC pilot license application and associated adaptive management and monitoring plans. To learn more about the role of the HWG, please see the HWG Operating Protocols (PDF, 40 KB).

Contact the Humboldt Working Group

Humboldt Working Group Member List (PDF, 127 KB)

Send an email to the Humboldt Working Group at waveconnectHWG@kearnswest.com. Emails to this account will be sent directly to Kearns & West, the neutral public involvement firm that is coordinating the HWG.

Humboldt Working Group Meetings

Past Meetings