What We’re Doing

PG&E's Proposed Green Option

PG&E is proposing the “Green Option” in response to requests from customers, elected officials, and the environmental community for more ways to promote renewable energy.

Putting Energy Efficiency First

Learn how we are helping customers save money, save energy and reduce greenhouse gases through energy efficiency.

Clean Energy Solutions

Get a clear look at how PG&E is delivering some of the nation’s cleanest power.

Fighting Climate Change

Learn why we are an established leader when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greening Vehicles

Discover the latest environment-friendly vehicles used in our fleet and by our customers.

Promoting Stewardship

Find out what PG&E is doing to protect wildlife and natural resources in the areas we serve.

Innovative Community Programs

Learn how PG&E and our employees are helping to build sustainable communities in California.

Buildings and Operations

From greening our own buildings to addressing our historic impacts, learn how we are taking our commitment to heart.

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