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Water Showcase Resources

We've developed a number of useful documents on water for the showcase and many of them are posted here for easy download.

Past Water Conservation Showcase Brochures

These documents includes a list of exhibitors, speakers, water district sponsors and event supporters for each year's showcase. Contact information for exhibitors and sponsoring water districts is included.

Water Cards (PDF, 145 KB)

We post cards throughout the Energy Center for the Water Showcase with interesting statistics, quotes and trivia, including "If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate" -Stephen Wright

"Where Your Water Comes From" Map (PDF, 4.4 MB)

This map shows the service territory of most northern California water districts. It also indicates the location of the water source for each district. If you would like your water district added to the map, contact Ryan Stroupe.

Food Facts (PDF, 7 KB)

We strive to provide food at the showcase that requires a minimum amount of water to grow and prepare. Statistics on the water required for certain foods is provided here.

Water Resources (PDF, 14 KB)

This document includes a list of publications, DVDs, videos and online resoucers related to water conservation. Please send recomended additions to this list to r2s2@pge.com.