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Water Showcase Presentations

This web page provides the schedule of presentations from the 2010 Water Showcase.

2010 Water Conservation Showcase Speakers

Save Water by Going Paperless!

Did you know that as much as five gallons of water is required for each pound of paper manufactured? Because of this, making copies of the presentation materials is inconsistent with an event on water conservation. We will instead make the slides available in PDF format. They will be linked to each speaker's name or to a presentation title below. You can download the slides, but are asked to not re-use the materials without the permission of the authors. Contact Ryan Stroupe of the Pacific Energy Center and he will forward any requests for re-use of the slides. We also ask that you resist the urge to print the slides.

Conference RoomGreen Room
10:30 AM"Integrated Water Management for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facility Managers"
Panel presentation organized by Dr. Elizabeth Dougherty, Wholly H2o
David Hobstetter, Principal, AIA, LEED AP, KMD Architects
Ken Kono: Arc Jet Complex Facility Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center
Sim Ong, PE, Associate Engineer for South Bay Water Recycling in the City of San José's Environmental Services Department.
Bill Wilson, Environmental Consultant, Bill Wilson Environmental Planning LLC."
"Water, Energy and Time Efficient Hot Water Systems"
Gary Klein, Affiliated International Management, LLC"
12:00 PM"Bridging the Gap: Understanding the Varying Viewpoints of the Water Utility Provider and Landscape Contractor”
Debra Lane, City of Santa Rosa, Water Conservation Representative
“New Mandatory Green Building Regulations with a focus on the Water Conservation Requirements”
Doug Hensel, Assistant Deputy Director, California Department of Housing and Community Development
1:30 PM"Water Conservation Case Studies"
Pauline Souza, WRNS Studio, Susan Ecker, Rumsey Engineers and Raphael Garcia, Rana Creek Living Architecture
"Drip Irrigation: Conserve Water & Promote Superior Growth"
Robert Kourik, Metamorphic Press/TerraInforma
3:00 PM"California 2009 Comprehensive Water Package"
Rick Soehren, Assistant Deputy Director, California Department of Water Resources
"Water Use Benchmarking and Water Audits: Valuable Tools for Building Owners & Managers"
David Isaacson, WaterWise Consulting, Inc.
4:30 PM"Mind Your Footprint: New Approaches and Tools for Agencies, Utilities, and Customers to Save Water, Energy, and Reduce Emissions"
Matthew G. Heberger, P.E., Pacific Institute
"Green Roofs for Water Conservation: Science, Policy, and Market"
Beverly G. Powell MBA, PMP, CWM - Greening California Roofs and Haven Kiers MLA - Green Insfrastructure Foundation
6:00 PMKeynote:
"Water and the California Dream"
David Carle, Author and retired park ranger