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HVAC Classroom

HVAC Classroom

The HVAC classroom is designed to permit the study and demonstration of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equiment and systems. The classroom can accomodate small-to-medium sized groups for education in HVAC fundamentals, other energy-related topics, or for project discussions.

2nd Floor Map

The classroom has the following unique features:

  • A multizone air handling unit consisting of filter, cooling and heating coil, zone control dampers, and supply fan provides air to five controlled zones. Air volume, temperature, humidity, and air movement can be adjusted, compared, and directly experienced in the classroom.
  • Diffuser and air movement effects can be traced.
  • Four duct taps above the unistrut ceiling allow different mixing boxes to be demonstrated and compared simultaneously.
  • HVAC software demonstrations provide large-scale system simulations for large chillers and compressors, as well as modeling of buildings in the classroom setting.