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Glazing Alcove

Glazing Alcove

The Glazing Alcove provides designers samples of various fenestration technologies, shading technologies and tools for determining a sample's transmission properties. Some of these technologies are very common while others have very specific applications.

Its contents can be organized into four major categories:

  • Glazing Samples - we have over fifty types of glass samples including standard clear glass, fritted glass with various patterns, double pane, glass with various tints, triple pane and laminated glass.
  • Shading Strategies - An alternative strategy for reducing solar gains is to provide shading for the window. We have assembled a small collection of operable blinds, screens and double-pane glazing units with the shading system between the two panes of glass.
  • Electrochromic Window - The electrochromic window is a technology which is still in its research and development stages. This full scale model demonstrates how a window can change its transmittance properties based on the electric current it receives.
  • Glass Properties Tools - We have two tools from Southwall Technologies to test specific glazing properties. The Beam Splitter reports visual transmittance and near-infrared transmittance. Our other tool reports transmitted ultraviolet radiation.

For more information on glazing and windows see the architecture section of our Online Resource Center.