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PEC Entrance Lobby

View from main entrance" usemap="#virtual-mapA First floor plan

Tips for finding your way around
The images above and on the left are "image maps". While moving your cursor over the images, it will periodically change from an arrow to a pointing hand. Whenever it changes to a pointing hand, you can click on that area of the image and it will take you to another room or exhibit.

You can click on the map to change floors or jump to a specific room - or you can click on the "prev/next" scrap to advance to the next room on the tour. The text in the status bar below indicates where you will go by clicking on that part of the image. In some cases, just placing your cursor over an image will bring up a closer view or start an animation. The green dots represent view points with the line indicating direction. Some links will take you out of the tour and give you additional information.

Enjoy the tour!