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Lighting Classroom Ceiling

While in the classroom, one can experience the visual environments created by the three basic types of general lighting used for interior spaces - indirect lighting, direct lighting, and direct/indirect lighting. These systems are compared at an equal watts/sq. ft. basis so that the experience conveys what it means to use energy effectively to light spaces. Because each of these systems uses the same watts/sq. ft., the classroom provides a valid comparison of how these systems illuminate the space, illustrating that watts/sq. ft. is not the only measure of using light efficiently in spaces.

The main classroom also houses a series of luminaires that can be used as replacements for incandescent downlights. The various downlights are shown both in a general lighting application and in a side-by-side comparison. In addition to the A-lamp and R-lamp base cases, Par, Par halogen, compact fluorescent, HQI, 3K metal halide, and white high pressure sodium alternatives are on display.

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