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Architecture Resources at the PEC

Heliodon for Shading Studies

The heliodon simulates sunlight penetration and shading for any combination of latitude and time for a physical model. For more information on shading analysis and appropriate models, read the Heliodon Studies Factsheet (PDF, 116 KB). Please submit a Heliodon use request form to make a reservation to use the heliodon.
Daylighting Studies & Resources

The Overcast Sky Simulator is used to analyze the impact of diffuse daylight in terms of measured daylight factors and subjective analysis of daylight distribution. PG&E also developed daylighting case studies and reports through the Daylighting Initiative.
Solar Geometry & Radiation Calculators

The Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator, the PEC Sun Chart, and the PEC Solar Geometry Calculators are useful tools for looking up sun angles when designing shading devices and overhangs. These tools are also useful comparing approximate quantities of solar radiation.
Guide to California Climate Zones

The Guide to California Climate Zones is a reference for architects and designers designing buildings. Weather data includes: temperature, relative humidity, degree-day, design-day, extra-terrestrial radiation, wind speed and direction for each of the 16 California climate zones. Suggestions and guidelines for appropriate passive designs are shown on a Bioclimatic Chart.