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PEC—Technical Staff

Our Technical Advisors offer expertise in lighting, HVAC, or architecture. In addition to coordinating and teaching the Energy Center's classes, they perform or coordinate other technical endeavors through the Center including field measurements, systems analysis, and technology transfer.

Photograph of Robert A. Marcial, PEC Director

Robert A. Marcial
PEC Director
Tel: 415-972-5177
E-mail: robert.marcial@pge.com

Robert's career in energy efficiency began in 1991 and includes serving as Sr. Program Engineer, and now WE&T Planning Lead at PG&E, a building science researcher at U.C. Berkeley, and a lecturer and professor at various colleges and universities focusing on topics related to energy efficiency and integrated building design. Robert has a B.A. Architecture and a Master of Architecture from U.C. Berkeley.

Bill Burke, AIA
Architectural Program Coordinator
Tel: 415-973-9951
E-mail: wxb0@pge.com

Bill teaches and coordinates programs on design of the building enclosure, solar geometry, energy codes, energy modeling, glass performance, and daylighting, He also provides design advice on selection of building materials and windows, and assists designers in studies of solar control and daylighting using physical models.

Sam Jensen Augustine
Architectural Program Coordinator

Sam supports the PEC architectural programs including heliodon sessions, the overcast sky simulator and architectural consultations. While attending the University of Oregon for his Masters of Architecture, Sam worked in the Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory and earned a teaching certificate in environmental control systems. Prior to the PEC, Sam worked at Siegel & Strain Architects and the US Green Buildings Council. 

Janette Maurer
Tool Lending Library Technical Assistant
Tel: 415-973-8179
E-mail: jpmv@pge.com

Janette Maurer supports the Tool Lending Library’s daily transactions and also provides class support for the PEC's educational programs. Janette holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Economics from U.C. Santa Barbara. With a 10+ year career in hospitality convention sales, she is also a graduate of Green Energy Training Service's Residential Energy Efficiency program and studies energy efficiency for commercial building applications. Janette enjoys providing outstanding customer support and service, and one-on-one tool consultations.

Photograph of Bill Pottinger, Tool Lending Library Program Coordinator

Bill Pottinger
Tool Lending Library Program Coordinator
Phone: 415-973-9945
E-mail: wkp3@pge.com

Bill Pottinger is responsible for the PEC's Tool Lending Library, a program that loans measurement equipment to California energy customers. Bill helps borrowers' energy savings efforts by providing the appropriate tools and offering guidance in their proper use. Bill is a graduate of California State University at Long Beach Industrial Technology and Education program. He is a licensed general contractor with experience in home performance measurement issues.

Photograph of Pete Shoemaker, Renewables Program Coordinator

Pete Shoemaker
Renewables Program Coordinator
Tel: 415-973-8850
E-mail: pjsy@pge.com

Pete Shoemaker is the Renewables Program Coordinator and teaches variety of courses, including those on solar electric and solar hot water systems. He has extensive experience in sales and system design for residential and commercial solar customers. Pete can address questions about technologies, sizing, and costs for commercial solar systems. He can also provide information on renewable energy systems overall and how they can combine with energy efficiency.

Milena Simeonova

Milena Simeonova RA, IES, LC
Lighting Programs Coordinator
Tel: 415-973-7275
E-mail: musi@pge.com

Milena Simeonova is a Registered Architect in California, and has a Master of Science in Lighting from the Lighting Research Center, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has consulted in lighting applications for major architectural and engineering firms, as well as worked with owners and contractors.
Her previous employers include Traxon Technologies and Johnson Controls.

Photograph of Ryan Stroupe, Measurement Tools Program Coordinator

Ryan Stroupe
Measurement Tools Program Coordinator
Tel: 415-973-7257
E-mail: r2s2@pge.com

Ryan Stroupe is the Pacific Energy Center's Measurement Tools Program Coordinator. He also designs and instructs many of the Energy Center's whole building performance programs. Ryan is a product of the Master of Architecture Program at U.C. Berkeley.