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Research and Development Reports

Evaluation of Residential Evaporative Condensers In PG&E Service Territory

PG&E's Technical and Ecological Services (TES) laboratory in San Ramon tested conventional air-cooled 10 and 12 SEER condensers and the two EC systems under varied outdoor conditions. To validate the laboratory test results, which demonstrated "high temperature" condensing unit efficiencies up to twice as high as a 10 SEER unit, further field monitoring was completed on five residential and one small commercial site.

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AC2 Evaporative Condenser Monitoring Report: 1998 Cooling Season

A detailed monitoring system was installed in October 1997 to monitor the nominal 2.5 ton unit installed at Davis Energy Group's office, which replaced an existing 3.5 ton air-cooled unit. Limited data were taken in 1997; however the unit was extensively monitored from June through mid-October 1998. Data recorded on 15 minute intervals included condensing unit energy and water consumption, outdoor temperature and relative humidity, indoor temperature, supply and return air temperature and relative humidity, and indoor fan status.

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Investigation Of The AC2 Air Conditioner

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) contracted with Proctor Engineering Group (PEG) to field test residential air conditioners with evaporatively cooled condensers. The units tested are AC2 units manufactured by Refrigeration Technology Incorporated. Five sites were selected as representative of conditions in PG&E's service territory.

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