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Product and Topical Videotapes

The videotapes in the Energy Resource Center cover a variety of energy efficiency topics. Tapes that focus on the following topics:


  • Building Connections Series. Case Studies. (AIA)
  • Building Green : Audubon House : in pursuit of sustainable architecture and energy efficiency.
  • Energy and Resource Flows : Rocky Mountain Institute, Way Station, NMB Bank: Case Studies. (AIA)
  • The Griffin One House : how to design and construct a cost effective energy efficient home.
  • Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.
  • Stansted International Airport.
  • Waterloo International Terminal.

Building Design and Urban Planning

  • Building an Energy-Efficient Home. (EPRI)
  • Building New York : a great city if they ever get it finished.
  • The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent... : the fight for sunlight in San Francisco. (Environmental Simulation Lab. U.C. Berkeley)
  • Energy and Resource Efficiences. (AIA)
  • Envelope Series. (University of Minnesota)
  • Healthy Buildings and Materials. Conference and Lecture Series. (AIA)
  • How to Talk to Clients about Energy-Efficient Design. (Oregon State University)
  • Indoor Air Quality. (EPRI)
  • The Ins and Outs of Building Science. (University of Minnesota)
  • Land Resources and the Urban Ecology. Conference and Lecture Series (AIA)
  • Performance Indicators for New Houses. (University of Minnesota)
  • Shopping for a Performance-Built House : "test drive" before you buy. (University of Minnesota)
  • Times Square (Environmental Simulation Lab. U.C. Berkeley)

HVAC and Motors

  • Adjustable Speed Drives : making power plants more efficient today. (EPRI)
  • The Advanced Heat Pump. (EPRI)
  • Cool Storage Seminar. (EPRI)
  • Heat Pump : a machine for all seasons. (EPRI)
  • How to Calculate Design Heat Load. (Oregon State University)
  • Powermiser Integrated Heat Pump System. (EPRI)
  • Reducing Supermarket Refrigeration Costs. (EPRI)
  • Ventilation Series. (University of Minnesota)
  • Warm Floors. (Warm Company)


  • The Automatic Money Saver. (Novitas Lighting Controls)
  • Equation for Savings (Novitas Lighting Controls)
  • Introduction to the Lighting Design Lab.
  • Lighting Design Lab : the retail retrofit rationale.
  • Lighting Design Lab : case studies. Koll Building, GTE, Westlake Center.
  • Office Lighting Design. (EPRI)

Renewable Energy

  • Ideas in Motion : new horizons for solar electricity. (EPRI)
  • Photovoltaics: utility experience ; Photovoltaics : meeting utility needs. (EPRI)
  • Renewable Energy Technology. (EPRI)
  • Tomorrow's Energy Today (U.S. Dept. of Energy)


  • All about Low-e. (Libbey Owens Ford)
  • Glass as a Source of Free Energy. (Libbey Owens Ford)
  • High Performance Windows with The Answer Guys. (PG&E)
  • Heat Mirror : a better view of life. (Southwall Technologies)
  • Innovation through Advanced Vinyl Technology. (Milgard Vinyl Windows)
  • LowE2 Glass Products. (Cardinal IG)
  • Shutters in Motion. (European Rolling Shutters)