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CEC Publications

The Energy Resource Center has a collection of informative reports from the California Energy Commission (CEC). Some of the reports listed here can be obtained from the CEC's web site.

  • Advanced Lighting Guidelines, 1993
  • California Climate Zone Descriptions for New Buildings, 1995
  • California Energy Demand 1991-2011 (Electric Demand Forecasts), 1991
  • California Energy Demand 1995-2015 (Electric Demand Forecasts), 1995
  • Cool Storage Roofs ETAP Project, 1992
  • DEER - Database for Energy Efficient Resource. Manual and Software, 1994
  • Effective Useful Life of Energy Efficiency Measures. Recommended Estimation Approaches, 1993
  • Energy Accounting: A Key Tool in Managing Energy Costs, 1997
  • Energy Aware Planning Guide (urban planning), 1993
  • Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings, 1992 (Note: The new standard is due late 1998)
  • Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Technology Program, 1998
  • How to Finance Public Sector Energy Efficiency Projects, 1997
  • How to Hire an Energy Auditor to Identify Energy Efficiency Projects, 1997
  • How to Hire an Energy Services Company, 1997
  • Source Energy and Environmental Impacts of Thermal Energy Storage, 1996