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What books will you find in the Energy Resource Center? Here is a sample bibliography organized by topic:

Building Design and Energy Efficiency

ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. TJ163.5 B84A11 1996

  • v.1 Residential Buildings: Technologies, Design, and Performance Analysis
  • v.2 Residential Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Marketplace Issues
  • v.3 Residential Buildings: Program Evaluation
  • v.4 Commercial Buildings: Technologies, Design, and Performance Analysis
  • v.5 Commercial Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Marketplace Issues
  • v.6 Commercial Buildings: Program Evaluation
  • v.7 Energy Efficiency and the Utility of the Future
  • v.8 Human Dimensions of Energy Consumption
  • v.9 Energy and Environmental Policy
  • v.10 Building Industry Trend

The Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment. Banham, Reyner. TH6021 B28 1984

A historian's view of the impact of energy technology on architectural form and how, in many cases, the integration of environmental concerns was achieved. It does a credible job of communicating the difficulty of designing in recent modern periods that, like ours, faced an overwhelming onslaught of new technologies.

Climatic Building Design: Energy-Efficient Building Principles and Practice. Watson, Donald. TJ163.5 B84W38 1983

A nicely organized compendium of design strategies for improving thermal performance at a residential scale. The book provides substantial detail concerning the physics behind energy conserving design options.

Design with Climate: Bioclimatic Approach to Architectural Regionalism. Olgyay, Victor. NA2540 O54 1992

Design with Nature. McHarg, Ian L. HC110 E5M33 1992

Energy Efficient Building : A Design Guide. Roaf, Susan. TJ163.5 B84E5435 1992

How Buildings Work. Allen, Edward. TH6021 A45 1995

A general text introducing building technology, including a complete and insightful treatment of energy in buildings.

InsideOut: Design Procedures for Passive Environmental Technologies. Brown, G. Z. TH6025 I57 1992

An interesting glimpse (500+ pages) at a reader from an environmental technology course taught at the University of Oregon. The book presents methodologies for scheming with building performance at various stages of the design process.

Sun, Wind and Light: Architectural Design Strategies. Brown, B.Z. NA2542.3 B76 1985

An excellent introduction to climate and architecture, with handsome illustrations by Virginia Cartwright of architectural examples old and new. Contains a coherent procedure for analyzing buildings in different climates.


Atrium Buildings: Development and Design. Saxon, Richard. NA4160 S28 1987

Concepts and Practice of Architectural Daylighting. Moore, Fuller. NA2794 M66 1985

A welcome addition to the literature on daylighting, this book reviews examples of architectural daylighting techniques and provides a useful treatment of daylighting design tools, including scale models.

Daylighting: Design and Analysis. Robbins, Claude. TH7791 R63 1986

Until this text most technical references on daylighting were provided by the British Research Establishment. Robbins has done a remarkable job of assembling a rigorous and comprehensive technical reference designed for U.S. applications.

Daylighting: Performance and Design. Ander, Gregg, D. NA2794 A53 1995

Daylighting in Architecture: A European Reference Book. Commission of the European Communities. NA2542 S6D75 1993

Light Revealing Architecture. Millet, Marietta S. NA2794 M55 1996

The New Atrium. Bednar, Michael J. NA4160 B43 1986

Sunlighting as Formgiver for Architecture. Lam, William. NA2542 S6L35 1986

This is an excellent treatment of architectural daylighting techniques presented with an interesting dose of Lam anecdotes. The book features 25 contemporary case studies broken into categories of building type.

HVAC and Thermal Comfort

Analyzing Field Measurements: Air Conditioning & Heating. Curl, Robert. TH7687.5 C87 1997

ASHRAE Handbook: Fundamentals. ASHRAE. TH7225 A5373 1993

This is a standard reference text covering almost every fundamental aspect of thermal control design.

ASHRAE Handbook: HVAC Systems and Applications. ASHRAE. TH7011 A46 1996

Building Control Systems. Bradshaw, Vaugh. TH6012 B73 1992

Clear, well laid-out and illustrated book covering design concepts, equipment and systems for mechanical, electrical and plumbing applications.

Concepts in Thermal Comfort. Egan, M. David. TH6021 E4 1975

Egan provides an elementary introduction to thermal performance issues. The book uses ample graphs and illustrations to explain the fundamentals.

Environmental Control Systems: Heating Cooling Lighting. Moore, Fuller. TH6021 M66 1993

Evaporative Air Conditioning Handbook. Watt, John R. TH7687 W3 1997

Fan Handbook. Bleier, Frank. TJ960 B58 1997

Modern Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. Clifford, George E. TH7687 C545 1989

Thermal Comfort: Past Present and Future. Proceedings of a conference held at the Building Research Establishment. TH6021 T436 1994

This Old House Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning: A Guide to the Invisible Comforts of Your Home. Trethewey, Richard. TH7011 T74 1994


Architectural Lighting Design. Steffy, Gary R. TH7703 S78 1990

Concepts in Architectural Lighting. Egan, M. David TH7703 E33 1983

IES Lighting Handbook: Reference and Application. Illuminating Engineering Society. TK4161 I45 1993

Lighten Up! A Practical Guide to Residential Lighting. Whitehead, Randall. TH7975 W6 1996

Lighting Design: An Introductory Guide for Professionals. Gardner, Carl. TH7703 G273 1993

Lighting Efficiency Applications. Thuman, Albert. TK4169 L52 1991

Lighting for Energy-Efficient Luminous Environments. Helms, Ronald N. TK4175 H45 1991

Lighting Upgrades: A Guide for Facility Managers. Wood, Damon. TK4175 W37 1996

Solar Design and Construction

Building 2000: A Series of Design Studies Illustrating Passive Solar Architecture in Buildings. Commission of the European Communities. NA2542 S6B85 1992

European Solar Architecture. Proceedings of a Solar House Contractors' Meeting. European Commission. NA2542.3 E91 1995

Passive Solar Architecture: Logic and Beauty. Wright, David. NA7117 S65W7 1982

The Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook. Steve Winter Associates. TH7414 P2541 1991

The Passive Solar House: Using Solar Design to Heat and Cool your Home. Kachadorian, James. TH7414 K33 1997

Solar Architecture in Europe: Design Performance and Evaluation. Commission of the European Communities. NA2542 S6S65 1991

Solar Control and Shading Devices. Olgyay, Aladar. NA2542 S6O5 1976

Originally published in the 1950's, this text is still a definitive source for design methodologies in solar control design.

Sustainable Design and Building

Green Architecture: Design for an Energy-Conscious Future. Vale, Brenda and Robert. NA2542.3 V35 1991

Green Architecture: A Guide to Sustainable Design. Crosbie, Michael J. NA2542.3 C76 1994

A Primer on Sustainable Building. Rocky Mountain Institute. NA7117.5 L66 1995

The Rammed Earth House. Easton, David. TH4818 A3E27 1996

The Sourcebook for Sustainable Design: A Guide to Environmentally Responsible Building Materials and Processes. Architects for Social Responsibility. NA2542.35 S68 1992

The Straw Bale House. Steen, Athena S. TH4818 S77S84 1994

Sustainable Building Technical Manual: Green Building Design, Construction, and Operations. Green Building Council, et al. NA2542.3 S64 1996

Sustainable Cities: Concepts and Strategies for Eco-City Development. Walter, Bob. NA9108 S87 1992

Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis for Cities, Suburbs, and Towns. Van der Ryn, Sim. HN90 C66V36 1986

Windows and Glazing

Doors, Windows and Skylights. Ramsey, Dan. TH2270 R35 1990

Low-E Glazing Design Guide. Johnson, Timothy E. TH8251 J64 1991

Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance. Carmody, John. TH2275 C37 1996