Daylighting Initiative

PG&E's Daylighting Initiative has two goals: to raise awareness of good daylighting practice within the design community and to improve the practice of daylighting design. The case studies below document a wide range of successful technical solutions demonstrated across a number of different commercial applications.

These case studies were published in 1998. The design principles and approaches are still sound, but today’s technologies make implementation faster, better and easier. Also, today’s building codes are more stringent in performance requirements for skylights and controls on electric lighting. Review current code requirements for your location before proceeding with design and construction.

Below are the reports in PDF format. To have the original brochures sent to you, please contact Marlene Vogelsang at For more information about the project, contact Project Manage Peter Turnbull at

Daylighting Case StudiesProject Reports
Daylighting in Schools (PDF, 768 KB) (condensed)
Marin Country Day School (PDF, 209 KB)Daylighting in Schools (full version) (PDF, 2 MB)
Costco Store (PDF, 219 KB)Skylighting and Retail Sales (PDF, 300 KB) (condensed)
California State Auto Association (PDF, 191 KB)Skylighting and Retail Sales (full version) (PDF, 340 KB)
Dena Boer Elementary School (PDF, 199 KB) The two reports below were funded by the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program. These reports can also be found at the New Buildings Institute website.
Phillip Burton Federal Building (PDF, 171 KB)
J. Paul Getty Museum (PDF, 194 KB)Daylighting in Schools Additional Analysis (PDF, 52 KB) (summary)
Gymboree Corporation (PDF, 172 KB)Daylighting in Schools Additional Analysis (full version) (PDF, 1.4 MB)
McDonalds Restaurant (PDF, 144 KB)
National Gallery of Canada (PDF, 203 KB)
Ralph's Supermarket (PDF, 189 KB)
VeriFone, Inc. (PDF, 200 KB)